Nursing while Fasting during the month of Ramadan

As salaamu alaikum, it's the month of Ramadan and I wanted to come up with a blog that would be beneficial to ummi(s) during this holy month. 

Breast feeding 

Allah ordained Breast-feeding for humans and animals. It is a period during which the babies grow and build strength while enjoying the closeness and attention of the mother. At the end of the breast-feeding term, the child is "weaned" from the mother in preparation for becoming an independent being. The normal duration of breast-feeding for humans is about two years. 

Allah subhanallah wa ta ila says: 

We have enjoyed upon the human being to treat his parents kindly. His mother bore him with weakness upon weakness; and his weaning is in two years.

Breast-feeding may be performed as an act of worship seeking through is Allan's pleasure and acceptance. 

"And whoever is ill or on journey the same number [of days which one did not fast must be made up] from other days.

Al- baqarah 2:185 

shaykh ibn 'Uthaymeen( may allah have mercy on him) 

pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers come under the same heading as those who are sick. If their excuse is that they fear for the child, then as well as making up the missed fasts, according to some scholars they also have feed one poor person for each day missed, giving wheat, rice dates or any othe staple foo. Some of the scholars said that all they have to do is make up the missed fast, no matter what the situation, because there is no evidence in the qur'aan or sunnah for giving food in this case, and the basic principle is that there is no obligation unless proof of that is established. View of Abu Haneefah ( may Allah have mercy upon him). This is a Strong view.