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Nursing while Fasting during the month of Ramadan

I'm Breast-feeding my 7month old Bint this Ramadan, the first few days were hard, but once I started hydrating myself more it be came easier for me. My diet as follows for suhoor-I love oatmeal - steel oats( love wegman's store band) fruits of my choice light brown sugar and I usally cook it at night in my crockpot, yogurt, protein like turkey beacon or saugues, brown eggs are great too.i also make sure I drink a liter of water and sport drink ( Powerade, vitamin water) iftar- I push lots of Vegetables (kale, spinach ,brussel sprouts), dates, fish ( salmon) and poultry (chicken). Whole wheat brown rice,couscous, quinoa. dessert- frozen yogurt is great with fruits of choice water is...

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