My Journey

My journey

Small town girl with a big CREATive heart! I wasn’t raised Muslim, But I had birth 5 Muslims. Being the only person in my family that was muslim besides the children I birth was difficult at times, especially when your family has no clue about Islam. Learning the religion of islam at a young age, I knew a want to convey Islam to the American society. Just wasn’t sure how yet! When my children became of age to attend school, their classmates and even teachers would ask them questions that I thought culturally everyone knew or had some knowledge of. I was totally wrong, people young and old don’t know about diversity; culture or religion. I remember one day my daughter came home and said that a classmate of hers ask her was she bald underneath of that scarf. She didn’t get offered, instead she spoke up, it’s not a scarf it’s my khimar and no I’m not bald I just choose to cover my beauty. Proud parent moment! So me being the mom I am, the next dress Down day I made them a t-shirt that state the awesome woman and on it named the 4 women that was promised jennah and ummi. From then on out I become the ice breaker! I make stuffs for people ask what’s that or what does that mean, so we can convey the message of Islam and spread dawah. My tees and totes are a souvenir of Islam. Islam is perfect I want more people to see and hear the perfectness.


Fun fact:

Where did the name Peace and Keen come from. Two words that could best describe me I’m very peaceful but I’m also

Sharp and have keen sense! Lol


This small business is very new!

I’m Still adjusting

I’m still learning

There is humility in admitting that you don't know what you don't know. Making changes as i go is much the same as trying to change the tires on a moving bus. I’ve learned a lot along the way and have made changes accordingly; because i believe that when you know better, you do better. I continue to make changes. There is so much good and beauty in evolution.